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Commercial Water Proofing Helps DeLand Area Property Owners Conserve Energy

Without proper water proofing buildings in the DeLand area are at risk of incurring serious and costly damages from wind and rain that is common throughout the Central Florida area. Water that creeps in from the outside can cause mold, damage equipment and create an unsafe environment for employees and visitors. That’s why it is important to ensure windows and walls are tightly sealed.

We provide a high quality, convenient and affordable water proofing solution for commercial and residential properties in DeLand and surrounding communities. Our commercial grade membrane sprays, and Bentonite clay compounds ensure all exposed areas are tightly sealed. Polyureal and Elastometric floor and wall coatings are also applied to increase durability and conserve energy.

Don’t wait until you have water damage. Let our professional water proofing experts serving the DeLand area seal and protect your walls, floors, windows and other exposed areas. Not only does our process help prevent water damage it can lower utility bills too. Contact us today at (386) 734-9545 to schedule an appointment.

Maxi Wash & Paint Inc. is proud to serve the residents of DeLand, Orlando, Daytona, and Palm Coast with all of their residential and commercial painting, pressure washing and window cleaning needs.

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