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Temperature is a Factor When House Painting in Deltona, FL

Maxi Wash and Paint provides house painting services for homeowners in Deltona, FL and neighboring communities. In addition, to house painting, we also do pressure washing and window cleaning. Painting your house is one of the best ways to improve your home. Aside from making your home aesthetically pleasing, a nice paint job can help increase its property value. For this reason, it is imperative that you hire a painter whenever you notice any fading, blistering, cracking or peeling on your interior or exterior surfaces.

However, it is recommended that you only hire a professional house painter to ensure proper preparation. Failure to correctly prepare the painting surface is one of the most common causes of premature paint failure, according to a study conducted by scientists and chemists at the Forest Product Laboratory of the USDA Forest Service. Proper paint preparation includes scrapping off the lose paint prior to applying new paint.

Also, it is not a good idea to paint in extremely cold or hot weather. For best results, it is recommended to paint is when the temperature is between 60°F and 85°F. When the weather is too hot or too windy the paint may dry too quickly leading to premature peeling or flaking of the paint.

During the rainy season it is not unusual for dirt and grime to cover the exterior surfaces of your home. It not only can make your home appear old and dull, it can actually destroy the paint. Pressure washing and window cleaning is quick and affordable way to bring the shine back to your home and protect the painted surfaces. Our pressure washing crew has everything they need on their truck and use high pressure combined with a mild detergent to clean your entire home, including the roof.

Maxi Wash and Paint has more than thirty years of house painting experience in the Deltona, FL area. Our professional house painters are experts and work hard to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with the results.

To request a free house painting estimate in Deltona, FL, contact us at 386-734-9545! Ask about our Pressure Washing discount!

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